visual artist
Growing up in a suburb of Dublin, Ireland, I developed an interest in the metropolitan. I have a useful, but not destructive, self-awareness of my socialisation having been brought up on the fringe of the city, displaced from the inner city in a familiar cycle of ‘spent’ urban planning.

Having left school early to pursue an apprenticeship in Industrial Screen Printing, I witnessed first-hand the death of an industry as advances in digital technology progressed. These formative years working on the factory floor and a subsequent series of precarious jobs have shaped my current art practice, as I investigate forms of living, labour and class-structures within society.

I work predominantly with the moving image, which I combine with photography techniques, digital manipulations and the sonic. My informed approach to materiality has resulted in a particular aesthetic value that is inherent to my practice, as is my selection of pre-existing materials, which I arrange, remix, and make interventions with in order to create meaning. The work that I produce instigates thought and adds new aspects to the perception of time and space, drawing links between the new and the old while playing with aspects of time, rhythm and repetition.