visual artist



Concrete blocks, Technics 1210’s, Joy Divison - Substance, New Order - Substance, speakers.

The end of two vinyl records play continuously. The clicks and pops at the end of each record are amplified and fill the entire space via a series of hidden speakers. Playing at slightly different tempos they sink up and go out of time repeatably throughout the course of the exhibition. One record is by the band Joy Division and the other one is by New Order who were formed by the remaining members of Joy Division after the death of their lead singer Ian Curtis. This work was part of the exhibition TRANSITION:

TRANSITION was a site-specific art exhibition held at 33 Mill Street, a large factory space in Dublin 8 which was awaiting transformation into a whiskey distillery. Built in 1691 the building had served many uses over the years, from a rabbit skinnery to most recently, a sofa factory.

‘Transition’ implies a sense of change, an altered state. It implies a point of passage, hovering between here and there. At the time of the exhibition the building was temporarily floating between... functions, drifting between old and new, between run-down and well preserved. The exhibition served to engage with and amplify the idiosyncratic space. Through content and materials, all the artworks responded in someway to the context of the building and its sense of fleeting temporality.