visual artist

One Hundred and Ninety Five


Performance / moving image, 4:07 min loop

Camera - Kevin A. Freeney 
Photography - Sean Wright

An oil barrel filled with tap water occupies an empty subterranean space. Made at a time of economic downturn and austerity this work looks at issues around value, labour and waste. The water was collected from people's properties in exchange for household labour at the rate of five liters of water per hour, one working week of thirty-nine hours equating to one hundred and ninety-five liters of water. Highlighting the mismanagement, wastage and commodification of this valuable resource it also reflects the mismanagement of the global banking system which lead to an economic crash. Filmed in an unused carpark in an unused complex which was one of hundreds dotted around Dublin, Ireland at the time of the crash, the oil barrel operates as a bank for the water.